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How to remove a collection

How do Credit repair companies get collections removed? This is a frequently asked question and here are the facts. If a collection is reported 100% accurate the collection company does not have to delete it. However, a good credit repair company can help you identify inaccurate information or incomplete information.  Incomplete information on a collection reported to your credit report is the same as inaccurate based on the Fair Credit Reporting Act. Reputable credit repair companies will audit your credit report and help you identify mistakes or incomplete information and challenge the information that is left out. If you have incorrect reporting on your credit report such as wrong date of last activity, wrong amount, incorrect account status or if they have the wrong person it as simple as writing a letter detailing the specifics. Once your dispute is received there should be an investigation and the credit bureaus have 30 days to notify you of the status of your dispute and up to 45 days to complete the investigation. People often here this is how credit repair company’s get items deleted and they just pop back on. That used to be the case several years ago but the credit bureaus have gotten better about processing disputes and it is rare to see items deleted from the credit report for this reason anymore.

So now you know how most credit repair companies get collections removed why don’t you just do it yourself? Time, follow up, tracking or you just don’t want too and would rather just pay someone else to do it… Either or it doesn’t matter you can do everything a credit repair company can do and if anyone tells you different is misleading you.

At Credit Law Center we use the same process as detailed above. The difference between Credit Law Center and a normal credit repair company is that we are a law firm and when we find a mistake or a creditor or collection company misreporting or making a mistake we use that as leverage to negotiate a deletion. If this leverage does not work we then could pursue them legally and when successful you the consumer could receive money.

If you chose to dispute items yourself just make sure that you have detailed dispute letters challenging the incomplete or inaccurate information and document the entire process meticulously. Without good documentation and proof, it is very unlikely that when you do find a mistake that you will get a settlement or the item deleted.

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