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Repair Credit Scores With Certified Credit Experts

Certified Credit Experts works to repair credit scores that come in all states of health.  Credit Law Center attorneys and paralegals work diligently with both clients and creditors in order to repair credit scores.

We repair credit scores by challenging items on your report that are:

  • Questionable
  • Outdated
  • Inaccurate
  • Misleading
  • Unverifiable

Repair Credit Scores with Experts Who Care

We understand that unforeseen events can happen throughout our lives. We believe that every single person deserves a second chance and second chances are exactly what our credit experts and the attorneys at Credit Law Center are here to help you with. If you need to repair credit scores, we’d love to help you. We work with you, your creditors and the credit bureaus to help you reach the best credit possible. More importantly, we give you the knowledge to maintain your score once it’s fixed.

Our Credit Services

At Certified Credit Experts, we work to increase your credit score by removing negative records from your credit report while giving you sound advice on what you can do to continue raising your score on your own. Our state of the art online software system allows you to follow the progress of your file 24/7. Not only can you follow your account, but every time a change is made, we email you to let you know. You are always involved in the process.

Repair Credit Scores — Pricing

Our pricing is based entirely on our performance. Our company motto is “You Don’t Pay Until it Goes Away”With our company you will experience NO upfront fees and NO monthly fees. Certified Credit Experts only charges you for what we get removed and when we don’t charge you until we get it removed. Call or email us now for a FREE consultation 816-994-4600  Info@CreditLawCenter.com


Our Past Success Rates

Did you know it only takes a 20 point FICO increase to often make the difference between approval and denial?  Credit Law Center has a proven track record of raising FICO scores quickly and effectively to give our clients better purchasing power.

Possible FICO score increase

Score increase in 40 days
10 points or more 97%
20 points or more 82%
50 points or more 35%
100 points or more 20%

Many factors are taken into account for your credit score, making it impossible to give you an accurate prediction of exactly how much your score is going to increase. Since we do not know for sure which inaccurate items we are going to get removed, it is nothing more than a guess for us to tell our clients how much their score will increase, and it would be illegal based on the Credit Repair Organizations Act for us to promise any specific result. Our mission is to simply tell you the truth, educate you, and allow you to make the best possible decisions.

What we can promise you is that the education we provide and the efforts placed  into each client is unmatched. At Certified Credit Experts and Credit Law Center, our commitment is to ensure that you are satisfied every step of the way. It’s that satisfaction that has made us the company clients are known to trust.


Anyone who has poor credit will find Certified Credit Experts a wonderful company to work with. My credit was at 525 due to old credit on my credit report. My husband and I wanted to build a new home. With our credit so bad, no one would consider giving us a loan. Our new Bank said if we went through Certified Credit Experts and worked with Brent Simonsson, they would give us the loan.

Contacted Brent in September 2014. We didn’t have to pay anything until our credit was cleared up. At Credit Experts, I worked with both Tyler and Brent. Both were very professional and friendly. In December 2014, my new credit rating was 747. Now with better credit, my husband and I qualify for a lower interest loan, which will save us thousands over the life of the home loan.

There is no way to go wrong working with Certified Credit Experts. This company was a God send to get my dream home.

Patty Clark

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